All Clients receive initial assessments: strength, flexibility, body fat, weight, cardiovascular fitness, blood pressure and heart rate assessments.


Triathlon, Duathlon and Road Running Training

  • Open water swim training, kayak race support
  • Fundamentals of cycling performance,bike fit
  • Transition improvement
  • Run Form analysis and training

Flexibility and balance Training

  • Flexibility programs including initial assessments
  • Balance and Core programs to increase athletic performance
  • Balance programs for improved daily function.

Cardiovascular Training

  • Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming programs
  • Track workouts for increased speed and race performance
  • Open water or pool swim program for beginners or triathletes
  • Stationary bike or road bike programs

Resistance Training

  • Free-weight programs
  • Theraband and Stability Ball
  • Body weight calisthenics and plyometrics