I was referred to Peg by a friend that was a client of hers.  I had tried several times in the past to lose weight on my own but always gave up after a short time, until I met and worked with Peg.  Through her personal training program I have not only lost weight, (90 pounds so far!) and gained muscle, but I've become much more confident and happy.  I am truly a new person!  Peg encouraged my desire to finish a triathlon, even though I didn't think I could.  With her training and patiently teaching me to swim.  I completed my first tri in June 2014.  Despite my crazy schedule as a veterinarian, Peg was very flexible with planning my training sessions and my home workouts.  Even though I took a new job an hour and a half away, I kept training with Peg because she is amazing and I was loving the changes I was seeing.  Peg sees the potential in her clients, and has the passions and ability to help them reach their dreams!   Jen J.


Peggi is awesome, totally awesome.  I can't thank her enough for all she has given me.  I completed the 12 week program and lost 30 pounds and 6 1/2 inches off my waist.  I gained strength and great muscle tone.  She has given me so much knowledge and support that helped me to achieve my goals for a fit and healthy lifestyle, and one I can maintain for a life time.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!  Candace R.


"The best coaching I have ever received has been with Peggi.  It was not until working with her  that I saw a significant improvement in my fitness and sports performance.  She has been able to help me achieve these results despite my work and college schedule.  As a personal trainer, she is able to determine what works best for me to achieve my goals, and knows better than I, what I am capable of.  What makes her the best trainer, is how she is able to motivate me to my best and instill in me the determination I need to lead a balanced healthy life.  She has helped me to achieve more than I thought I could!"   Tia S.

Another post childbirth client. She is tight, toned and is definitely rock solid! It is very important to increase pelvic floor strength after childbirth.  Learn how at the Studio!

This runner was plagued by knee pain and injury, keeping her from her sub 2 hour half-marathon goal. Not only did she get a rock hard body, but she met her half-marathon goal injury and pain free!

6 months post childbirth, this client wanted to get her body back.  And she did it!.


"I started working with Peg when I was beset with an ankle injury that did not allow me to progress in my running.  Peg provided me good solid rehabilitation advice and tweeked my training routine.  In my efforts to qualify for the Boston Marathon, she ran the last 10K to keep me on pace for my Boston qualifier.  As a busy executive, my time is limited, so she modified my marathon training program to accommodate for quality over quantity and get me to the starting line without injury and in shape to run my best marathon time ever.  She pushes me out of my box and lovingly encourages me to reach for my dreams.  In training for a marathon they tell you to "trust your training" which is so true, but I can tell you, in working with Peg you can "trust your trainer", she knows her stuff!"   Sandi F.

With a new Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, this client wanted to lose abdominal fat and get tight and strong in a short time.

She did! In 6 weeks!!